Welcome to PC eHelp Technical Services

We are a team of experts are individuals and management with experience of working in the support function of companies. Our team of technical experts is certified individuals with more than 5 years of experience in desktop support.

In today’s time, PC eHelp has become a proverbial brand name in Online Tech Support services. A peerless team of Certified Professionals, which are well-versed in handling the most intricate of PC related hitches, forms the indispensable part of the company’s strength.

Pcecare.com will help you resolve any technical support issues you are facing remotely.

We Provide Support for

  • Diagnose the cause of errors on your Microsoft Software
  • Install patches and updates to repair errors
  • Install our remote backup software and secure your data online on our secure servers
  • Repair any errors you have on your Personal Computer
  • Recommend software and tools to increase your efficiency with your every day work
  • Cloud storage for your important files and folders
  • System Optimization software to ensure your computer runs smoothly
  • Anti Virus software to protect you from further problems


Expertise for

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home & Pro Support
  • Microsoft Windows NT Support
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Support
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Support
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Support
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Support
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Support
  • Linux Support


We also provide support for the following Microsoft Software

  • Microsoft Word Support
  • Microsoft Excel Support
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Support
  • Microsoft Outlook Support
  • Microsoft Publisher Support
  • Outlook Express Support
  • Ms Access Support
  • Visual Studio Support


We also provide support for the following Company

  • APPLE Support
  • AOL Support
  • DELL Support
  • LENOVO Support
  • ACER Support
  • HP Support
  • COMPAQ Support
  • HTC Support
  • SONY Support

We also provide support for the following Antivirus Software

  • Kaspersky Support
  • Symantec (Norton) Support
  • AVG Support
  • ESET Support
  • Microsoft Security Essentials Support
  • McAfee Support
  • Avast Software Support
  • BitDefender Support
  • Avira Support
  • Panda Security Support
  • F-Secure Support
  • Malwarebytes’ Anti Malware Support
  • Trend Micro Support
  • ZoneAlarm Support